Welcome to cattery Lovely Dream (Lovely Dream * RU). The owner of this cattery - Oleg Blecus . Our cattery is one of the oldest in St. Petersburg - official registration in FIFe February 25, 2003. We have already 13 years. But the first male cream color appeared here in 1999 (Kalshin - 09.01.1999 born). Lovely Dream cattery has been breeding cats burma European type. We have high-quality imported manufacturers, there are 4 European champion system FIFe (you need to do to get an average of 24 titles for each cat, including those overseas) in detail.

We are members of the Club Cat Fanciers Bastet (the system FIFe).Bastet (system FIFe).

In our club you can always get advice on care and breeding of pedigreed cats, or pick up a kitten at heart.

You will never regret establishments Burma. This is a muscular cat of medium size, with well rounded breasts. For this it is sometimes called "cat's Rottweiler." For silhouette burmanskoy cats characterized by rounded lines - no sharp corners - all the soft, gentle and graceful. They are sometimes called "bricks wrapped in silk." Burm character in harmony with their appearance - the same soft and rounded.

Burma in the family is always the home favorite. From the words of Kipling, it is known that cats walk on their own, just not burmeses. They are willing to walk with you, and everywhere they will feel comfortable and confident only with their favorite host

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