- Why Burma cats?

- In principle, I do not like when a cat's long hair, because it is fraught with dirt in an apartment. I first saw this cat in 1998, and she liked me right away.
In my opinion, the burmeses absolutely no unpleasant smell, which is an important fact, speaking in favor of the breed. Besides, it's very clean animals.
These cats do not have an undercoat, then, and have no problems with care, such as the Persians. However, unlike some of hairless cats, she has normal hair.

- How much animals live in your cattery?

- At the present time in our house live two cats - the oldest male of our nursery European champion Kalshen and his grandson - our young producer Oliver Lovely Dream and a few cats. Four representatives from our nursery according to FIFe are the European champions (this is the highest classification). Another two cats - Grand Champion, and our young cat - International Champion.

- You keep cattery has been breeding burma or just for yourself?

- My cattery is called «Lovely Dream». It was founded in February 2003. Together with my pets, I am a member of the club "Bastet", named after the Egyptian goddess of cats. This is the only club in Russia, in our system FIFe, who has been breeding just burmanskih cats.

- How long burmeses appeared in Russia?

- It is believed that the first burmeses appeared in Russia in the early 90's. It is worth noting that around the same time in Russia and were the first British cat breed. But now the British are much more than burm. For example, the mother of one of my cats were brought to Russia in 1993. The roots of our animals are found in Latvia, and Latvia are expected to fall from the Scandinavian countries: Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

- How this cat breed is common in Sankt-Peterburg?

- As the number of nurseries engaged in breeding burmanskih cats is negligible, then we can say with certainty that the spread is still very weak. Cat rare, and comes to that, seeing her at the show, people are surprised and start to compare it, for example, from Siam ..

- What is the nature of burmeses?

- Burma - public figures. They suffer greatly when they do not pay attention. They always have to be in the thick of things. I believe that burmeses the same as smart as cats of the Siberian breed, but Siberians - is still the guards, while burmantsev dominate several other qualities. This is - one of the few breeds that are, in my view, lend themselves to training. For example, they quickly become accustomed to the toilet as a toilet. They are incredibly sociable. And to the people they are better than each other. This stems from the fact that each of them considers himself a person and wants to just his courted and stroked. And if comes another one, they begin to fight among themselves for attention from the person. Burma is quite happy when the house she has a friend with whom you can frolic. This may be a child, and another cat, and even a dog. Although our Persian play in his company they do not take - it was too different in temperament, these cats! But an old collie is for them a springboard from which they are repelled by games. Cats often go to meet the hosts in the hallway. Come home, and already know what you someone is waiting. It is not just waiting, and just beginning to pursue. You go to the bathroom and they are - in the bathroom, you're in the kitchen and they are followed. They do not like to be alone. In this burmeses totally without malice. It is believed that this breed has never claws on people ... Most of this money burm love experts who judge them at shows. At the judges' table cat can twist, wag, viewed from all sides, and it will behave very patiently, and their displeasure can express only the voice. Speaking of his voice. The cat loves to talk gently with her master. On each of your sight, touch, silent treatment, it will respond "murrr. Burma is like jumping, and even when he was already an adult, enjoy playing in different cat game. Like all cats, they are very curious and always shoved his nose. Especially worth remembering this as a breed of people who love to take animals with them to the country. There just in case: can steal or hurt your pitomitsu and answer evil for evil, it can not ... And very typical of these cats a feature: it is tied not only to the house in which he lives, but to his master. Moreover, of all choose a single person. Most likely, this will be the one who feeds. Burmantsy - heat-loving animals, although to say that they - Sissy, you can not. But it is better if the house will not draft.

- There are two standards of this breed: European and American Burma Burma. What are their differences osnavnye?

- Appearance of American and European burmeses varies so greatly that the European version in the United States isolated as a separate breed, which was named European burmanskoy cats. Hybridization of these two species in the United States is prohibited. The American cat is more similar to Persian, than European. The main difference is in the structure of the head. Wool and the nature of cats about the same. About American burm can say that they are - an analogue of the Rottweiler in the cat world. Americans themselves say about them as "brick, dressed in silk." And they say, because American Burma - heavy cat, she has very strong bones and almost no fat. And if the cat can be called a lioness, a cat, most likely - Shar-Pei, since it has a so-called Bryl, who do not have a cat. And the cat weighs somewhere in the average five to six kilograms, and a cat - three to three and a half.

- What should be the standard European Burma? What is considered vices?

- The trunk should be of medium size, very compact, rounded, broad chest, strong bones, well muscled. The eyes should be large, round and set wide apart, their top line slightly oblique, rounded and the bottom - so-called burmansky look. Color should be rich and bright. Preference will be given a yellow-gold tones. The head of the European type is short, slightly droplike shape, with broad, but gently rounded skull. Cheeks bulging, transition from forehead to nose, clearly marked. The chin is strong, well-developed broad jaws. Cat elegant eastern wing with a slightly elongated shape of the body (but not elongated, like a Siamese cat). Ears of medium size, wide at the base, with rounded ends, wide rastravlennye, slightly tilted forward, covered with short hair inside the ear - more rare. It should be noted that the color of burmeses down on the abdomen, much lighter than the top, on the back. Limbs should be the length of the body, feet of medium size, roundish. Tail of medium length, straight, thick at the base, slightly tapering and rounded at the end. Among the defects may be mentioned are almond-shaped eyes, their blue or bright green. In general, the less green in the eyes - the better. Vice is considered to be: too light bone structure, too elongated body, tail, white patches on the body.

How to care for burma cat?

- Caring for them is not difficult. Coat of burm short undercoat is not, so actually it does not need washing. As I said earlier, they had a bad odor. By the way, I would recommend this breed of people who are allergic to cat fur. The likelihood that they will be subject to a wool allergy burm much lower than other breeds. In order to stimulate blood circulation and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth sherstku or a piece of chamois to remove excess hair and polish once a week, a cat it would be well combed special rubber brush or rukovitsey. This massage is very popular with cats, and the wool after the procedure looks just fine.

- What are the disadvantages is this breed?

- I personally do not know any. I would not say that this breed has some major disadvantages.

- Is it difficult burmeses in breeding?

Yes, with breed there are certain problems. Even before the beginning of the nursery I got my first cat. The first cat was brought from Latvia in 2001 when the nursery has already been registered. In addition, because of the rarity of the breed in Russia sometimes occurs imbriding (inbreeding). Each pedigree cats have difficulty in childbirth, so at this point to watch out for her. These cats - aristocrats, at birth, they should help. Perhaps even require the presence of a veterinarian.

- What are born kittens?

- Burma color of a semitone lower than others, so that even the darkest color - brown (or sable) according to the classification of other breeds was'd probably like chocolate. And the kittens at birth are colored darker than adult cats.

- How long live burma cats?

- - Quite a few. Life expectancy burm ranges from 10 to 15 years.

- Tell us some funny incident in the life of your cats.

- Funny, these cases are then. For example, when our cat was still young, he no longer frolicked and ran. One day I woke up at four o'clock in the morning, because next to the bed curtain fell, along with all the fixings. It turned out that the cat ran after the cat, trying to play with her. The cat jumped on the window sill, hiding from him, and the cat decided to catch up on the curtain. And since he already weighed very well, the curtain fell almost on me. And this is the night! In the beginning it was not very fun, fun became later.

- What advice can you give to people who want burma cat?

- More often play with your cat, do not leave her long one, and it will pay for it with his boundless love.

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